Therapy With Emily

What is an appointment like with Emily?

Emily’s goal in each therapy session is to create a safe environment in which she and her patients can have honest and open conversations. With Emily’s guidance, clients can learn how to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Emily strives to both empathetically understand her clients’ situations and to challenge them to consider potential solutions and opportunities for change. She views therapy as a team effort to improve the circumstances of your life and achieve your goals; your engagement in therapy sessions and participation in treatment plans is welcomed and encouraged.

Clients find that, when working with Emily, they learn to challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more positive, healthier ways of thinking. Emily helps her clients improve communication in relationships and to reduce tension and anxiety. She emphasizes the importance of exercise, a well-balanced diet, and mindfulness; she can lead you to better practices in these areas and help you make a plan for a healthier lifestyle.

As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Emily focuses on teaching rational self-counseling skills that her clients can continue to use throughout their entire life. Cognitive Behavioral theory teaches us that a person can change by influencing their thoughts and feelings associated with a situation. It is a practical, goal-orientated type of therapy that has been proven effective through scientific research. It is often an equally (or more) helpful alternative to treatment through medication alone. You can read about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) here.

Making the decision to enter into therapy is difficult.  Just making the first call for help can be stressful.  When you call to inquire about counseling services with Emily, you will be able to speak with her directly and ask her the questions that you may have before you decide to make an appointment.  To take the first step towards making an appointment feel free to call her at 904-834-4433 or visit our Appointment page and fill out a brief contact form.

Sessions with Emily are usually scheduled weekly or every other week. This schedule continues until you and Emily sense that your circumstances are improving, at which time you can begin to fade out sessions if you would like, or continue to see Emily on a regular basis.